CBC Searchlight TOP 10 Montréal

Another year, another cbc searchlight competition...

Except, this time, CBC has abandoned their tedious fan voting model for something a little more equitable and based on factors more important than a band's ability to enslave their friends into daily voting. So, with this news, I decided to take a couple hours out of my Sunday to watch through all of Montréal's entries in this year's competition and choose my personal top 10.

Four of KickDrum's Klatsch Sessions were entered into the competition this year and we couldn't be happier with how they measure up to the competition; both in terms of audio and video quality. However, to avoid bias in my selection process (which likely would've resulted in a cluster at the top, haha), I decided to leave all Klatsch Sessions out of the running. However, you can view and vote for them by visiting the links below:




Jesse Speed



St. Lawrence Warehouse Company



Myles from Home

Myles from Home


Okay, so with no further ado, here are KickDrum's picks for Montréal's top 10 CBC Searchlight entries for 2016...

#10. Bellflower



Bellflower impresses with a haunting live performance. We especially loved the drum breakdown in the end. Also, a well produced video by


#9. Constance



Wish there was a better video to accompany this amazing tune. We’ve done several shows now with Guillaume (Constance) and we can’t say enough good things about his music. Check out his latest EP “One” here:


#8. Jesse Daniel Smith



Jesse has filmed over 7 videos featured in this year’s CBC searchlight and is the man behind the camera of all our Klatch Sessions. But forget that, and just hear the man play. The word “multi-talented” doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface…


#7. Isabelle Young



"Sirens" is visually and sonically captivating. The piano is brilliant, the vocals gorgeous, and the video quality superb. We’re definitely going to keep an eye on this girl! Though, don't know how "live" the video is...


#6. Pomptet



Maybe I got a soft spot for this one since Resonance Cafe is one of my local haunts but man was it cool to watch this performance. Captured by, Jesse Daniel Smith, Pomptet’s performance screams of warmly lit summer nights and beautiful scenery. Just all around great composing and musicianship by Alex Kasirer-Smibert and company.


#5. What if Elephants



What if Elephants is made up of some of the nicest musicians I’ve ever meet. These guys write nothing but feel good tunes. You can’t help put tap along to the beat.


#4. Thanya Iyer



We love Thanya’s voice… too bad she wasn’t able to submit her video for “Daydreaming” though. Think she definitely would’ve cracked the top 3 with that video which was just release. You can watch it here: Also, a big thumbs up to Here on Out Sessions!


#3. King Karoshi



We’ve been fans of these guys for a while, especially, this tune. Just great songwriting/lyrics and I can’t help but draw a Thom Yorke comparison to those vocals. Also, the break and instrumental build towards the second half of the tune is beautiful.


#2. Adam Strangler



Before CBC searchlight we had never heard of Adam Strangler, but thank god we now have… Kudos to the director/editor for creating such an engaging video while working with such a small and static room. Aptly described as “meditative and percussive”, the tune holds you, rocks you back and forth, and then releases you back out into the world only wanting to come back for more!





There’s so much to talk about when it comes to this video and performance. From the venue, to the dancers, to Effusion A Cappella, to Busty & The Bass, and it goes on… Shyre's orchestral pop hooks are here to stay and Sarah Rosy has one of the most beautiful and strongest voices in the Montreal scene right now. We can’t wait to hear more from these guys!


I'd also like to make an honorary mention....

Pony Girl



Pony Girl (Ottawa) is probably my favourite Canadian band at the moment. They absolutely kill it with their live performance of “Little Life” from their latest album called “Foreign Life”, which we HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend you listen to here: